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Experience Comprehensive Neurocognitive Testing in FL, CO, & TX

Discover the power of comprehensive neurocognitive testing in FL, CO, and TX today with board-certified neurologists at Infinite Neurology. We use cutting-edge technology to assess brain function with precision and care, accurately assessing your cognitive function. When combined with consultation, treatment, and ancillary testing, our neurocognitive testing typically bypasses an extensive neuropsychological evaluation. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and see if our comprehensive neurocognitive testing is the best choice for you.

Female radiologist analysing the MRI image of the head

What Is Neurocognitive Testing?

Neurocognitive testing goes beyond traditional health assessments by offering a window into the brain’s inner workings through non-invasive methods. It’s more than assessing verbal inquiries concerning an individual’s health or feelings. It involves engaging patients in targeted tasks that faithfully measure key cognitive functions. These functions include attention span, memory recall, language proficiency, reaction speed, and perception. The assorted tests are meticulously designed to evaluate specific brain functions to provide invaluable insight into an individual’s cognitive health. This objective method allows our neurologists to gain an empirical and standardized snapshot of each patient’s brain health, opening the door to more tailored healthcare plans.

Neurology, results on tablet and doctor with couple

What Are the Benefits of These Tests?

Thanks to telehealth communications, the neurocognitive testing we conduct, either on-site or from the comfort of your home, emphasizes cognitive health assessments’ evolution. Unlike traditional methods involving surgeries and brain scans, this modern approach simplifies the testing. Testing typically only takes an hour and a half to complete. It is available in 59 languages to make it as easy as possible for patients to understand and complete, allowing our neurologists to have the best possible results for an accurate assessment. Using computerized neurocognitive testing has heightened the effectiveness of these tests, offering a precise, consistent, and objective assessment of a patient’s brain function without needing specialized personnel to administer the test.

Take the Next Step in Enhancing Your Cognitive Health

Experience the best in cognitive care and monitoring with Infinite Neurology. Our comprehensive neurocognitive tests are designed to cater to individuals across FL, CO, & TX in the office or from the comfort of your home with our telehealth options. Discover insights into your brain health and take proactive steps towards maintaining or enhancing your cognitive function. Contact our experienced team to schedule your comprehensive test with a board-certified neurologist and embrace a future of improved cognitive well-being.

Providing Board-Certified Care for Brain Injuries