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Premier Neurodiagnostic Partners in FL, CO, & TX

Infinite Neurology provides patients with personalized care to meet their unique needs. That’s why we have neurodiagnostic partners in FL, CO, and TX who help provide additional pathways to improve our patient’s health and well-being through innovative collaboration. By integrating advanced diagnostic tools and techniques with our partners, we aim to uncover the intricacies of each patient’s condition and help them on the road to recovery with the most accuracy possible.

Hospital Conference Meeting Room: Female Physician Presents Patient X-Ray on TV Screen

Collaborative Care for Enhanced Outcomes

Our approach to healthcare is rooted in precision and personalization. In order to provide our patients with the best care possible, we have partnered with several neurodiagnostic facilities across Colorado and Texas. We work closely with our partners to ensure seamless communication and care coordination for staff and patients. This collaborative effort enhances the accuracy of our diagnoses and optimizes the rehabilitation process, paving the way for better health outcomes.

Two MRI radiologists sitting in the control room and operating the MRI scanner

Meet Our Neurodiagnostic Partners

Leveraging the latest neuroimaging technologies, our board-certified neurologists and partners help visualize a patient’s brain in unprecedented detail. These partnerships, combined with our rehabilitation programs, enable us to offer all patients a holistic approach to brain health. Learn more about our top-tier partners below:


Your journey to optimal brain health and function is our top priority. That’s why we have neurodiagnostic partners to offer the best care for you. Embrace a future of improved well-being and cognitive health with Infinite Neurology by your side. Together with our esteemed neurodiagnostic partners across the country, we stand ready to guide you on the path to recovery. Reach out to our friendly support staff for more information about our services and partners to help you have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Providing Board-Certified Care for Brain Injuries